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The Auto Channel--Jim Hall Background
Honored and revered by the auto racing fraternity as he is, Jim Hall is the sort of . to an auxiliary motor that created a vacuum under the car to increase traction.

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Ecological but luxurious: Ecopod Boutique Retreat Photograph: Ecopod

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Great Jim Hall Video
Great Jim Hall Video April 26, 2012 by Andrew Bornhop . slot car as a kid, and fondly remembers the vacuum-cleaner 2J in the pages of R&T, the night was a .

Jim Hall brought the wow factor to the racetrack - Autoweek
Apr 17, 2012 . American racing genius Jim Hall was honored this past weekend in . the importance of producing a vacuum effect under the rear of car.

Chaparral Cars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chaparral cars was founded in 1962 by Hap Sharp and Jim Hall, a Texas oil . a partial vacuum which would provide a downforce on the order of 1.25-1.50 G of .

Inside the race cars of future past
Jul 7, 2011 . So I zipped up my firesuit, grabbed my helmet, and walked into the cars that had just come up the hill. And sure enough, there was Jim Hall Jr in .

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Jim Hall's Can-Am Racer - Car and Driver
Top-side aerodynamics would augment vacuum traction and provide trim force as . (Jim Hall, creator of the Chaparral Can-Am cars, was a pioneer in the use of .

Can-Am at Laguna Seca: The Increbible Chaparral 2J
The 2J is the result of Jim Hall's quest for a new race car — a vehicle project begun in the . They made the rear portion of the car a gaint vacuum reservior.

Monster in a Box: The Sucker Car/Jim Hall - C-Lab Columbia ...
Monster in a Box: The Sucker Car/Jim Hall . Instead of running this vacuum from the main engine of the car, Hall added a dedicated engine to run the fans .

Jim Hall | Hemmings Motor News
Jun 1, 2012 . Jim Hall. From the oil fields of Texas came a very innovative race car builder . In the late 1950s, Hall raced sports cars while also working at a Dallas . fans at the rear of the car to create an under-car vacuum that theoretically .

The Black Art
But it was equally critical that in Jim Hall, auto racing had a man who truly understood . This produced a vacuum that sucked the car to the pavement, providing .

Jim Hall - International Motorsports Hall of Fame Member
Jim Hall was the sort of competitor who was satisfied with nothing short of victory. . His Chaparral 2J "Vacuum Cleaner", the first ground effects race car, allowed .

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They all laughed when Jim Hall unloaded his vacuum-cleaner - SI.com
Jul 20, 1970 . Bar Of Soap? No, It's A Car. They all laughed when Jim Hall unloaded his vacuum-cleaner racer. But the monster may be the Can-Am design of .

Racin' Today » Jim Hall Blew 'Em Away In Paddocks, On Tracks
Apr 11, 2012. RRDC Evening with Jim Hall. No doubt the subjects of moveable wings mounted on suspensions, ground effects and the “vacuum car” will all .

Monterey Historics Honour Jim Hall and Sir Stirling Moss - Editor's ...
The famous white-bodied Chaparrals of Jim Hall were featured at the 32nd Rolex . known as the "sucker car" or the "vacuum car" because of its square shape .

The Chaparral Files (TCF) > RACING OTHER BRANDS
The performance of the vacuum cleaner we all know. . One reason Jim didn't say no was that he wanted to drive a race car again. To test . In 1979 Jim Hall would return to Indy with the last of the genuine Chaparrals, the ground effects 2K .

Road Racing Drivers Club Honors Jim Hall - Sports Car Digest
Apr 17, 2012 . Jim Hall, championship racer and innovator in the sport of auto racing . create such advanced race cars as the “vacuum cleaner” Chaparral 2J, .

Plan of Attack: Grassroots Motorsports Magazine Articles
Plan of Attack: A Mix of Boost, Vacuum and Strategy Propelled This Vette to a . Cheaparral being an homage to Jim Hall's famous Chaparral 2J sucker car.

INDUSTRY: RRDC To Honor Jim Hall At Long Beach Grand Prix
Feb 15, 2012 . Jim Hall's unparalleled contributions to the world of auto racing will be . and the radical “vacuum cleaner” Chaparral 2J, which was banned .

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Chaparral 2J - Sportscars.tv
But be that as it may, the 2J "Vacuum cleaner" is a marvelous idea and it is only . When Jim Hall took delivery of the Chevrolet experimental car that was to .

Chaparral 2J - The Petroleum Museum
As un-racecar-like as it appears, this angular, boxy car built for the 1970 . from under the car and forced it out the back, thus creating a vacuum that held the 2J on . -Jim Hall, October, 1970, as momentum gathered to ban the 2J “sucker” car.

Cox Models Slot Car - Slot Car Monsters
Jim Hall Chaparral. While most racers and collectors would probably choose the Cox Cheetah as their favorite slot car racing model, it's undeniable that at the .

Racin' Today » Jim Hall To Be Feted At Long Beach
Apr 8, 2012 . Native Texan Jim Hall, whose innovative Chaparral race cars . racing, and the radical “vacuum cleaner” Chaparral 2J – so revolutionary it was .

What Are the Aerodynamics of a Ground Effect? | eHow.com
Sports cars such as Jim Hall's Chaparral began using spoilers in the 1960s to hold the car to . A motor sucked air from around the car and created a vacuum.

10 - Road Racing Drivers Club - rrdc.org
Jim Hall, the race-car driver, designer and team owner who made the name . transmission for road racing, and the radical “vacuum cleaner” Chaparral 2J, .

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Cheaparral Champion Corvette
concept of active downforce, originally pioneered by Jim Hall and. Chaparral Racing . found on eBay, generated the required vacuum under the car. Based on .

Jim Hall
Aug 1, 2012 . Compared the cigar-shaped Indy cars of the day, Hall's 327 cubic-inch . slot car as a kid, and fondly remembers the vacuum-cleaner 2J in the .

Fujimi 1/24 Chaparral 2D, previewed by Scott Van Aken
Chaparral was founded in 1962 by Hap Sharp and Jim Hall, a Texas oil . as the ' vacuum cleaner', and was the forerunner of modern "ground-effects" cars. . As the car was being developed, Jim Hall took the opportunity to implement his .

Sipping soda among the migraines, Texan Jim Hall (sending - 12.14 ...
Sipping soda among the migraines, Texan Jim Hall (sending out a Chaparral, . A CAR They all laughed when Jim Hall unloaded his vacuum-cleaner racer.

Racing Innovator Jim Hall Honored At Long Beach
Apr 16, 2012 . Audi Kills Quattro Sports Car In Favor Of.. . with him to create the "vacuum cleaner" Chaparral 2J--one of the most advanced race cars . "Jim Hall is an icon in this sport and it was a pleasure to sit down with him and listen to .


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Can-Am History of Chaparral | VintageRPM
Texan Jim Hall began racing sportscars in SCCA events in the early '50s. . The fans sucked air out from under the car, creating a vacuum that held the 2J on the .

Nostalgic Wednesday: Chaparral 2J “Sucker car” | Mayday Garage
Dec 21, 2011 . The Chaparral 2J,also known as the 'fan car', and also the 'sucker . Built during the 70?s, the car was basically a giant racetrack vacuum-cleaner; a movable . The owner,Jim Hall, also decided to add a snow mobile engine .

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Chaparral 2J 1.00 by Labombarda | rFactor Cars | rFactor Central
Apr 12, 2012 . Chaparral 2J: The Vacuum Cleaner Car. The Chaparral 2J, was built by American designer Jim Hall, an oilman from Texas who had a strange .

Jim Hall had his Rattlesnake Raceway in Midland, TX to test with and Dick Doane had . The first car built in the shop was called, "The Witch Doctor", 1958 I think. . (hydrogen peroxide I think) and then ran a vacuum manifold intake hose to it.

Hall, Jim - Sports Cars - 1994 | Inductees | Hall of Fame
Few followers of sports car racing are unfamiliar with the accomplishments that have earned Jim Hall his place in the Motorsports Hall of Fame. . spoilers, adjustable high-mounted wings and auxiliary-generated vacuum ground-effects.

American Automobile Racing - The Henry Ford
“How are science concepts demonstrated by auto racing? How do in- . race car, which create a vacuum. Inertia . Jim Hall's Chaparral Racing Cars. nascar.

Jan 13, 2009 . student of engineering by the name of Jim Hall was also. bringing some . This is the car that would forever be known as the 'vacuum cleaner'.

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Jim Hall Racing Memorabilia
Jim Hall Racing Memorabilia. . The 2J became famous as, and would forever be nicknamed, the "Vacuum Cleaner Car" with its highly innovative system of fans .

Science, Life Skills and Innovations in American ... - The Henry Ford
science concepts demonstrated by auto racing? How do innovations . racecar, which create a vacuum. Inertia . Jim Hall's Chaparral Racing Cars. nascar.com .

Rare '53 Ferrari 166/250 MM With One-Off Abarth Coachwork and Jim Hall's First . And he created the first car with vacuum-assisted roadholding, grabbing a .

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Unit Plan: Background for Students 4A - Ground ... - The Henry Ford
underside of a race car, which create a vacuum. . Jim Hall, an engineer and former race car driver from Califor- nia, pioneered a new way of thinking about and .

DCE Award Press Release - Waldron Exhaust
known as 'Vacuum Operated Exhaust' (VOE) and includes two, dual-mode stainless steel mufflers . other custom car and truck applications. . The Waldron's team, along with Tom Hand and Jim Hall brought the product through development.

Car Thefts at 20-Year Low - Autoline Daily 252 - YouTube
Oct 19, 2009 . All that and more, plus Jim Hall shares his thoughts on the current auto industry news vacuum. . Fiat Panda - Autoline Daily 180by AutolineDetroit17,955 views · Bread Car, Hyundai's Luxurious Equus - Autoline Daily 217 .

Looking Back – March 23, 2011 | National Speed Sport News
Mar 23, 2011. it competed, Jim Hall's innovative Chaparral 2J sports car was among . Resembling a box-like vacuum cleaner, the radical racer included a .

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Rhode Island Injury Lawyers | Connecticut Injury Lawyers | Hall ...
During a motor vehicle accident that was largely his own fault, our client required . she alleged that a shop vacuum fell from an upper shelf and hit her in the head. Attorney James Hall tried the case before a jury and proved that Walmart more .

Ground effect (cars) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jim Hall built Chaparral cars to both these principles. His 1961 car attempted to use the shaped underside method but there were too many other aerodynamic .

Die Cast Cars, diecast collectibles- Diecastcars.tv Chaparral
Chaparral was founded by Jim Hall, a Texas oil magnate with an impressive . inspired creation, the 2J, the car that would forever be known as the 'vacuum .

Just when you thought you saw everything... - K-HITS-FM 92-1 ...
K-HITS DJ Fun Fact: Big Jim Hall's favorite movies are Princess Bride and Wizard of Oz . K-HITS DJ Fun Fact: Sweet Lou Gallagher's first car was a 1964 Falcon station wagon . Since they are vacuum sealed, they've got a great shelf life.

Fujimi 1/24 Chaparral 2D, by Scott Van Aken
Chaparral was founded in 1962 by Hap Sharp and Jim Hall, a Texas oil . as the ' vacuum cleaner', and was the forerunner of modern "ground-effects" cars. . As the car was being developed, Jim Hall took the opportunity to implement his .

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  1. Trying to Accomplish Too Much With Too Little ... - Car and Driver
    Builder of the winged Chaparral race cars, former Indy-car owner, renegade . Jim Hall, recalls the golden era of sports-car racing in an interview with Car and . It was like having two cars stacked on top of each other—the vacuum system and .

  2. Leazes
    Those advertising hoardings occupy the site of St. James' Hall, now the . and new fangled devices like vacuum cleaners, washing machines and motor cars.

  3. Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc
    independent front end suspension. The car ran great around corners; I was really proud of it! 1956 I found a . In May I went to Midland, TX to Jim Hall's Chaparral car complex to examine the 2G for . Vacuum junction block. Vacuum damper .

  4. Chevrolet race cars & racing automobiles
    A Chevrolet prototype race car you've never seen before -- unless you have this book. . Allards came in first and second, driven by Carroll Shelby and James Hall. . development, the aerodynamics of wings on race cars, and vacuum- traction.

  5. Teaching a Deaf Child to Hear and Speak… Perfectly By James Hall
    books, Mr. Hall has been called ?a highly educated parent? in cochlear implants and . be other jobs, other houses, other cars, other vacations, and the opportunity to make more money in the . phone, door, birds, car, vacuum cleaner.

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Last 24 hours

  1. Jim Hall Chaparral 2F - YouTube
    Feb 28, 2007 . Jim Hall drives the Chaparral 2F from the shops of Chaparral Cars at Rattlesnake Raceway to the new Chaparral exhibit at the Petroleum .

  2. Episode 252 – More Opel Drama, Kia Unveils New Sedan, Workers ...
    Oct 19, 2009 . All that and more, plus Jim Hall shares his thoughts on the current auto industry “ news vacuum.” Transcript and Story Links after the jump .

  3. ESDO 1/43 Chaparral 2J
    What Jim Hall had done was to make an active ground effects car. . In effect that acted like a vacuum cleaner to pull air up from under the car, thus providing the .

  4. Jim Hall's New Chaparral 2-C - Metaphors in Motion
    Nov 11, 2008 . The saga of Jim Hall and Chaparral Cars is documented at the . the 2J, the car that would forever be known as the 'vacuum cleaner'. The use .

  5. Chaparral Racing Memorabilia
    2 Vintage 1970 Photos and Press Bulletin with Jim Hall and Stirling Moss on the . and would forever be nicknamed, the "Vacuum Cleaner Car" with its highly .

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  1. Can-Am - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jim Hall's Chaparrals were very innovative, following his success in the . the bottom of the car created a vacuum underneath the car, effectively providing the .

    ma F - Cheaparral
    Original. Jim Hall. Chaparral. “Sucker. Car”. Twin Fans With. Twin Fans With. Rear Exhaust . Vacuum (Negative Pressure) Under Large Surface. Area (Like .

  2. The Chaparral 2E with Ed Welburn from WINDING ROAD Magazine ...
    Dec 12, 2006 . Original? Chaparral/Jim hall design, looks like BBS needs to pay some . Anyone know what ever happened to Halls vacuum cleaner car?? .

    Can-Am at Laguna Seca: Chaparral Racing
    Jim Hall's car, the Chaparral, was an early winner in Can-am but never won the driver's . This design caused a vacuum effect UNDER the car that geatly help in .

  3. Vintage Sports Cars - Laguna Seca - Chaparral Cars
    Jim Hall and the Chaparrals.... as American as mom and apple pie. . Jim Hall bought two of the cars, modified them and raced them from 1961 - 1963. . the car to the ground and help draw the car down by the vacuum created by the fans.

    Corvette Grand Sport II(b): Interview with Larry Shinoda
    Our involvement in GS II(b) started when Jim Hall brought in his first version of the . As I recall, these cars were really our very first effort at a vacuum-bagged .

  4. CAN-AM Memorabilia
    2 Vintage 1970 Photos and Press Bulletin with Jim Hall and Stirling Moss on the . and would forever be nicknamed, the "Vacuum Cleaner Car" with its highly .

    free - SAE
    the car. In 1962, Jim Hall experienced lift on his Chaparral 1 sports car. . to spread the vacuum and absorb the resinbleed, and finallythevacuum bagwhich is .

  5. The Big Yellow Vacuum Cleaner At Indy - 03.13.80 - SI Vault
    Mar 13, 1980 . The big yellow vacuum cleaner at Indy. . Al Unser, in Jim Hall's yellow Chaparral -Cosworth, the first Indy car to fully employ the ground-effects .

    Old Chaparral 2G reworked - Slot Car Illustrated Forum
    Aug 18, 2008 . As the car was being developed, Jim Hall took the opportunity to implement . Since it created the same amount of vacuum under the car at all .

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